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# Name Topic
1 Cleaning snow and ice from the stoop on Shabbos Snow
2 Opening soda caps on Shabbos Makeh B'Patish
3 Amira L'Akum b'Mekom Pesik Reisha Amira L'Akum
4 Opening cans on Shabbos Makeh B'Patish
5 Meleches Mocheik (Erasing 1)- cutting letters on cake Koseiv U'Mocheik
6 Meleches mocheik (Erasing 2)- using pampers, band-aids, and Velcro Koseiv U'Mocheik
7 Meleches Koreia 1 Tofer U'koreia
8 Meleches Koreia 2- using pampers, band-aids, and Velcro Tofer U'koreia
9 Using a plunger on Shabbos General
10 Inyanei Pesach 1- The Seder Pesach
11 Inyanei Pesach 2 Pesach
12 Inyanei Yom Tov v'Yemei Sefira- Moving Garbage Cans Pesach
13 Amira L'Akum in case of fire or getting caught on the road Amira L'Akum
14 When is Amira L'Akum permitted? Amira L'Akum
15 Asking a goy to turn on the air conditioner on Shabbos Amira L'Akum
16 Inyanei Shavuos- Standing for Aseres haDibros, Eating Meat on Yom Tov  Shavuos
17 Amira L'Akum b'Yom Tov Sheni Amira L'Akum
18 Shabbos clocks and Shabbos delivery of newspapers General
19 Folding paper, pants, and other items on Shabbos General
20 Eating on grass and indirectly watering the grass Zoraia
20 Eating on grass and indirectly watering the grass on Shabbos Zoraia
21 Inyanei Taanis and Inyanei Borer Taanis
22 Inyanei Borer- Selecting items from a bookcase, refrigerator etc. Borer
23 Music during the Three Weeks, Music during the Year Three Weeks
24 Tisha b'Av v'Nidche Tisha b'Av
25 Meleches Merakeid: sink/faucet strainers, tea bags, salt shakers etc.  Merakeid
26 Cleaning off the table- heter shel kol haboh l'yado Borer
27 Removal of pits from watermelon and other fruits Borer
28 S'char Shabbos: Interest on bank accounts S'char Shabbos
29 Tabs on clothing, extra buttons, hanging loops... Hotza'ah
30 Saying Selichos at night, is it o.k.? Selichos
30 Removing water off an awning that will fall onto grass Zoraia
31 She'hecheyanu on Yomim Noraim, Kaparos, Children fasting, Cholim on Yom Kippur She'hecheyanu
31 Shehechayanu on Yomim Noraim, Kaparos, children fasting, Cholim on Yom Kippur Yomim Noraim
32 Inyanei Sukkos Sukkos
33 Removing water off an awning that will fall onto grass Zoraia
34 Mashiv Haruach u'Morid haGeshem; v'Sein Tal u'Matar li'vracha Tefilla
35 Is it O.K. to put things in your pocket on Shabbos? Shema yishkach v'yotzei Hotza'ah
36 Spitting in the street Zoreh
36 Spitting in the street on Shabbos Zoreh
37 Hotza'ah b'shogeg: What to do? Hotza'ah
38 Is it O.K. to wear a yarmulke on Shabbos? Hotza'ah
39 Is it O.K. to walk with children who are carrying? Is under a car a Rishus ha'Yochid?   Hotza'ah
40 Is it O.K. to wear a plastic cover on a hat on Shabbos; What's called a malbish? Hotza'ah
41 Is it O.K. to wear a Shabbos key, gloves, and a feather in a hat? Hotza'ah
42 Inyanei Chanukah Chanukah
43 Unbuckled belts, crumbs in a pocket, and pebbles in the shoe Hotza'ah
44 Inyanei Taanis and Bracha l'Vatola Taanis
45 Using baby wipes Melabein
46 Removing stains and dirt from clothing Melabein
47 Meleches Melabein Melabein
48 Hachona 1- Ten common problems Hachona
49 Hachona 2 Hachona
52 Inyanei Purim Purim
53 Inyanei Chol Hamoed 1 Chol Hamoed
54 Inyanei Chol Hamoed 2 Chol Hamoed
55 Bedikas Chometz Pesach
56 Shiur0im (required measurements) and other Inyanei ha'Seder Pesach
57 Removing tape from cabinets, taking home Talis, doing Melacha for a goy on Chol Hamoed Yom Tov
58 Using cosmetics, suntan lotion and colored deodorants in toilets Tzoveia
59 Using blush, coloring foods, and liquids Tzoveia
60 Chulent problems: using a cup to add water to chulent Bishul
61 Common problems with Chazara: hot plate, goy, on pot cover Chazara
62 Using timer on electric stove; moving cholent from stove to stove Chazara
63 Taking hot or cold shower on Shabbos or Yom Tov Rechitza
64 Recycling and Meleches Borer Borer
65 Used Jew instead of goy/ Is chulent a necessity?/ Is a little liquid in cholent a problem for cooking?   Bishul
66 Using metered water on Shabbos, 10 Problems dealing with Medida... Medida
67 Nine common problems- Inyanei bishul- kli rishon, sheini, sh'lishi Bishul
68 Use of electricity on Shabbos- lowering radio volume, hearing aids... Electricity
69 The Three Weeks- Music at Sheva Brachos, Shaving, and Shehecheyanu Tisha b'Av
70 Inyanei Kiddush- Use of paper or plastic cups, after Chatzos, before Shacharis... Kiddush
71 Inyanei bishul v'chazara Bishul
71 Inyanei Bishul v'Chazara Chazara
72 Inyanei Bein Ha'zmanim b'Tisha b'Av- Thirty Questions Tisha b'Av
73 Inyanei Hatmana- use of aluminum foil to heat foods on top of/ in pots, thermo- hot cups Hatmana
74 Inyanei Bishul- blech couldn't be used, large urn wouldn't be ½ cooked... Bishul
75 Inyanei Elul- Checking Tefillin in Elul, use of mirror with Tefillin, checking Mezuza in Elul, reaffixing Mezuza with Bracha, Bungalow colony Mezuza Elul
76 Eating from a crock-pot on Friday night; problems related to crock-pots Chazara
77 Eating before Tekias Shofar Rosh Hashona
78 Dinei Rosh Hashona- Shachach Yaaleh v'Yovoh, Tzarich l'Simanei Shana Tova, Hefsek bein Tekios and Ashar Yatzar Rosh Hashona
79 Inyanei Yom Kippur- Swallowing saliva, Telling a goy to do melacha, standing for Sefer Torah  Yom Kippur
81 Catching or killing yellow jacks, water bugs, or ants on Shabbos or Yom Tov Tzod
82 Building with blocks or Lego, extension board for a table, replacing a shoelace Boneh
83 Amira L'Akum b'Shinui Amira L'Akum
84 Inyanei Bein Hashmashos- Menakeh, Seudah Sh'lishis, Bris, Shivah, Hefsek Tahara, Mi she'Hechshich ba'Derech Bein Hashmashos
85 Ain Shvusim b'Bein Hashmashos Bein Hashmashos
86 Using a wheelchair, cane, or walker on Shabbos Hotza'ah
87 Eiruv B'Ir Gedola- The Flatbush Eiruv Eiruv
88 Eiruv B'Ir Gedola- Part 2 Eiruv
89 Inyanei Chanukah Chanukah
90 Inyanei Ohel- Covering a cake plate with a cover having walls Ohel
91 Inyanei Ohel 2- Opening carriage hoods, awnings, and umbrellas on Shabbos Ohel
92 Inyanei Bitul Kli mei'hachanav- Use of garbage cans on Shabbos Bitul K'li
93 Inyanei Bitul Kli mei'hachanav 2- Putting muktzah on a plate or in the garbage Bitul K'li
94 Molid v'Nolad b'Shabbos- Nine problems, ice cubes etc.  Molid V'Nolad
95 Inyanei Kosher Umatir- twist ties on plastic bags etc. Kosher Umatir
96 Kosher Umatir 2- knotting bow on a shoelace, untying/tying a sefer torah Kosher Umatir
97 Tiltul muktzah b'mkom hefsed- lit candle that fell on a table Muktzah
98 Meleches Losh 1- The Issurim- tuna fish with mayonnaise, powdered milk, instant cereal... Losh
99 Meleches Losh 2- Heteirim b'inyanei Lisha Losh
100 Purim she'chal b'Erev Shabbos- Seudas Purim Purim
101 Erev Pesach she'Chal b'Shabbos 1- Seudos Shabbos Pesach
102 Erev Pesach she'Chal b'Shabbos 2- Seudos Shabbos contd. Pesach
103 Inyanei Seder Pesach
104 Inyanei Yom Tov and Pesach Pesach
105 Minhagei Aveilus b'Yimei haSefira Aveilus
106 Soaking contact lenses and removing oil from kishka General
107 Wearing glasses on Shabbos Hotza'ah
108 Inyanei Hotza'ah- going into Rishus Harabim with IV, band-aids Hotza'ah
109 Inyanei Hotza'ah contd.- carrying nitroglycerine pills in hat Hotza'ah
110 Inyanei Shavuos v'Birchas HaTorah Shavuos
111 Inyanei Hotza'ah- using a goy to bring a sefer torah to shul Hotza'ah
112 Eight cases involving Ha'naah mi'Meleches Shabbos General
113 One who goes on Shabbos from Rishus Hayachid to Rishus Harabim with something in his pocket Hotza'ah
114 Removing a candlestick tray containing a mezuzah and challos Muktzah
115 Dinei Bishul al yidei davar gush cham- cole slaw/ pickle on hot cholent, ketchup on a davar gush Bishul
116 Inyanei Taanis ubein Hametzarim- 18 Questions Taanis
117 Inyanei Hefsek b'Nogaia l'Rosh Hashona Rosh Hashona
118 Inyanei Yomim Noraim Yomim Noraim
119 Use of a Sukka mat for S'chach Sukkos
120 Inyanei Chol Hamoed- Writing, Taking Videos Chol Hamoed
121 Taking frozen food out of the freezer on the 1st  day of Yom Tov to use for the 2nd day of Yom Tov  Hachona
122 Inyanei Muktzah- buttons, wheels, door knobs, and mezuzos that fell off Muktzah
123 Various problems with broken glasses (frames broke, temple or screw fell off) Muktzah
124 Adjusting shtenders, high chairs, traveling cribs etc. Makeh B'Patish
125 Inyanei Leida b'Shabbos Refuos
126 Refuah b'Shabbos 1 Refuos
127 Refuah b'Shabbos 2- aspirin, vitamins, etc. Refuos
128 Doing exercise on Shabbos Refuos
129 Hilchos Neiros Chanukah Chanukah
130 Ten problems with Ner Shabbos Neiros
131 Hadlokas Ner Shabbos contd. (with lights on; motel/hotel; with Tanya; in Sukka Neiros
132 Removing: staples, book fasteners, band-aids that are attached Muktzah
132 Removing: staples, book fasteners, band-aids, paper plates that are attached  Tofer U'koreia
133 Reading letters, signs, newspapers, catalogs etc. Muktzah
134 Opening mail- problems with Techum Shabbos and muktzah Muktzah
135 Inyanei "v'Lifnei Iver" and Mesayeia l'Dvar Aveira (Jewish waiter, ATMS) Lifnei Iver
136 Reasons for not making She'hecheyanu on Pri Chadash (Tu b'Shvat) She'hecheyanu
137 Using answering service, answering machine, tape recorder, fax machine, etc. Electricity
138 Garam Pesik Reisha- Opening refrigerator, oven with thermostat Pesik Reisha
139 Adjusting a thermostat on Shabbos Maviir
140 Raising thermostats, removing/attaching plugs from/to Shabbos clock Maviir
141 Crock-pots- The pesak of R' Shlomo Zalman Auerbach zt"l  Hatmana
142 Crock-pots- Part 2 and additional Dinei Hatmana Hatmana
143 Crock-pots- Part 3- crock-pots, urns, and hot plates Hatmana
144 Al haNisim; Day dreaming during Megillah; Mishloach Manos; Women's Clothes Purim 
145 Kaderah blech (unblech) made to be a double boiler, Inyanei Hefsek Kaderah Chazara
146 Refuos b'Yom Tov Rishon Refuos
147 Pesach she'chal b'Shabbos- Refuos etc. Pesach
148 Acharon shel Pesach she'Chal b'Shabbos and Dinei Haseder Pesach
149 Buying Chometz after Pesach Pesach
150 Can a woman make a Bracha when counting Sefira; Other Inyanei Sefira Sefira
151 P'sak of R' Eliyashav regarding kaderah blech; electric plates; Inyanei Chazara Chazara
152 Feeding or giving work to someone who doesn't make Havdalah, children making Havdalah Havdalah
153 Borer b'Yom Tov- bones from fish, straining noodles, watermelon pits... Borer
154 Removal of wax from candle holders on Yom Tov, floating wicks... Muktzah
155 Wax removal on Yom Tov contd.; moving menorah to generate light, carrying a child holding muktzah Muktzah
156 Bracha on Thunder, Lightning, Talis Katan after a Swim/ Sun tan on Shabbos Brachos
157 Karov l'Pesik Reisha and Halachos Kayitz contd. Pesik Reisha
158 Leaving hospital on Shabbos or Yom Tov to avoid financial loss- Hakhel Refuos
160 Hataras Nedarim l'Noshim Erev Rosh Hashona, Minhag Kol Nidrei Rosh Hashona
161 Daydreaming during Tekias Shofar Rosh Hashona
162 Taking pills/suppositories on Yom Kippur Yom Kippur
163 Kiddush haLevonah shechal b'Tes vov b'Tishrei v'od Dinei Sukkos Sukkos
164 Bands playing music on Yom Tov, sitting while Sefer Torah is out (during Hakafos) Simchas Torah
166 Kelolei haPesak Yoreh Daah 242 Shach
167 Doctor taking care of non-Jewish patient on Shabbos Refuos
168 Inyanei Borer- playing card games on Shabbos Borer
169 Observing Thanksgiving, Attending Holiday parties, Giving presents Darkei Ha'Emori
170 Heteirim b'inyanei Borer Borer
171 Inyanei Borer- taking the ochel with the p'soles Borer
172 Meleches Tochein- mashing bananas and potatoes Tochein
173 Inyanei Chanukah Chanukah
174 Inyanei Chanukah and Limud Torah b'Layl "Nitul" Chanukah
175 Meleches Lisha- chewing zoom 2000 gum Losh
176 Kitzur klali Losh as found in Shmiras Shabbos K'hilchasa Losh
177 Laws concerning snow on Shabbos- Part 1 Snow
178 Laws concerning snow on Shabbos- Part 2 Snow
179 Squeezing a lemon covered with a mesh or a cloth Sechitah
180 Removing ice from a sidewalk- position of Horav Elyashiv shlita Snow
181 Cases dealing with removing stains from clothing and carpet on Shabbos Melabein
182 Inyanei kesharim on Shabbos- Part 1 Kosher Umatir
183 Inyanei Nisuin- When to Begin Covering the Hair
184 Inyanei Taanis Esther and Purim; Difference between Purim and other Taanesim Purim
185 Inyanei kesharim on Shabbos- Part 2- neckties, plastic garbage bags Kosher Umatir
186 Inyanei Pesach- Does "Shelachem" apply to Matzah; The Inyon of Gebrokhts Pesach
187 Inyanei Pesach- Handing out the Matzah and the Shiurim Pesach
188 Inyanei Pesach- "B'rov Am Hadras Melech"; Brachos at the Seder; Eating Afikoman after Chatzos  Pesach
189 Overview of the Categories of Meleches Chol Hamoed Chol Hamoed
190 Which stores to buy from after Pesach? Pesach
191 Opening cans, bags, and packages Makeh B'Patish
192 Removing silver seals from containers, opening metal strips, stapled bags, soda caps Makeh B'Patish
193 Tearing wrapping paper, bags, and boxes for Tzorchei Shabbos on Shabbos Makeh B'Patish
194 Inyanei Mechika- Ink off hand, bottle cap writing, opening combination locks with numbers Koseiv U'Mocheik
195 When Shavuos is Friday and Shabbos, can you make Early Shabbos? Shavuos
196 Mitzvas Kesivas Sefer Torah
197 Motza hon rav b'rishus ha'rabim Hotza'ah
198 Seder haLimud l'Baal haBayis with limited time to learn
199 Amira L'Akum v'Shinui b'Reshus Ha'Rabim Shelanu Amira L'Akum
200 Inyanei Shemos Sheimos
201 Rosh Hashona she'Chal b'Shabbos v'Od Dinim d'Yomim Noraim Rosh Hashona
202 Inyanei Yom Kippur, Sukkos, Yom Tov, v'Chol Hamoed Yomim Noraim
203 Igros Moshe Hachadash- Inyanei muktzah Muktzah
204 Use of a Katan on Shabbos Katan
205 Wearing the new plastic rain hat Hotza'ah
206 Issur Ha'naah mi'Meleches Shabbos General
207 Use of maid and custodial help on Shabbos Amira L'Akum
208 Uv'Chukoseihem Lo Seileichu- Eating turkey and making weddings on Thanksgiving Darkei Ha'Emori
209 A review of the important concepts of Hilchos Shabbos and their applications General
210 Are women permitted to make a bracha on Hallel on Chanukah? Chanukah
211 Laws dealing with Chanukah Chanukah
212 The Tenth of Teves that falls on Erev Shabbos Taanis
213 Inyanei Muktzah- a stopped watch, broken glasses, detached button, or wheel Muktzah
214 Salting vegetables on Shabbos Me'abeid
215 Inflating and winding toys on Shabbos, Lego Muktzah
216 Playing with toys on Shabbos 2- scrabble, puzzles, rattles, etc. Muktzah
217 Making She'hecheyanu on new fruit, Stock Market, Sheitel, 70 years old, Talis, car, etc. She'hecheyanu
218 Hasmoas kol- use of a rattle, door knocker, or a dishwasher on Shabbos clock  Muktzah
219 Urn with a water gauge on the outside Bishul
220 Brushing and combing hair and sheitels General
221 Is Melava Malka a requirement? Melava Malka
223 Driving to and from the hospital on Shabbos Refuos
224 Handling emergency situations on Shabbos Refuos
225 Chinuch l'Nashim v'Ketanim Purim
226 Inyanei Bedikas Chometz Pesach
227 Kashering Ovens and other Keilim
228a 228a L'Zecher Nishmas Rav Yitzchok Isbee zt"l
228 Inyanei Seder Leil Pesach Pesach
230 Borer on Yom Tov and Chometz She'avar alav haPesach Borer
231 Inyanei Sefiras HaOmer Sefira
232 Inyanei sheeyah and its heteirim Bishul
233 The positions of R' Moshe and R' Shlomo Zalman regarding Bishul Bishul
234 Early Minyan on Friday night- l'chatchila or b'dieved Tefilla
235 Inyanei Shavuos Shavuos
236 Melacha b'Yom Tov bein Bein Hashmashos l'Bein Hasmashos Yom Tov
237 Adjusting an air conditioner Muktzah
238 Laws concerning the Summer Kayitz
239 Placing dirty diapers in plastic bags Muktzah
240 Relying on Rabbeinu Tam's shkiah- l'kula Tefilla
241 Inyanei Eiruv Tavshilin Eiruv
242 Laws relating to eating on Rosh Hashona Rosh Hashona
243 Yom Kippur that falls on Shabbos Yom Kippur
244 Common Questions mai'Inyonei Sukkos Sukkos
245 Someone from Chutz La'aretz that's in Eretz Yisroel on Yom Tov Sheini shel Galios Yom Tov
246 Using an ice cream scooper on Shabbos Sechitah
247 Retrieving a hat in the Rishus Harabim Hotza'ah
248 Laws concerning giving Maaser Kesafim 1 Maaser Kesafim
249 Laws concerning giving Maaser Kesafim 2 Maaser Kesafim
250 Hotel Problems Hotel
251 Inyanei Meleches Hotza'ah Ha'nogeia l'Daf Hayomi 1 Hotza'ah
252 Inyanei Meleches Hotza'ah ha'Nogeia l'Daf HaYomi 2 Hotza'ah
253 Using glass cups in Chanukah Menorah Chanukah
254 Various topics regarding Ner Chanukah and Shabbos Chanukah
255 Inyanei Bein Hashmashos as relates to the Daf haYomi Bein Hashmashos
256 The bomb b'Meleches Bishul Bishul
257 The insulated water heater in the basement Bishul
258 Refuos b'Shabbos- Gezairas Shechikas Samamanim; Shabbos in Lakewood Refuos
259 Inyanei Meleches Hotza'ah Ha'nogeia l'Daf Hayomi 2- Perek b'ma isha Hotza'ah
260 Mechalel Shabbos b'Zmaneinu- Is he like a Tinok She'nishba Tinok She'nishba
261 Toys, recyclables etc.- Inyanei m'leches borer hanogeia l'daf hayomi Borer
262 The Issur of Chatzi Shiur
263 The use of a shinui on Shabbos General
264 Touching a Megillah with a bare hand Purim
265 The melacha of tearing relating to the Daf haYomi Tofer U'koreia
266 The Melacha of making knots haNogeia l'daf haYomi Kosher Umatir
268 Pesach Occurring on Shabbos Pesach
269 Buying Chametz After Pesach Pesach
270 Opening and closing a playpen on Shabbos Boneh
271 Caught on road right before Shabbos General
272 Taking medication on Shabbos and Yom Tov Refuos
273 Applying make-up on Shabbos Tzoveia
274 Common problems on Yom Tov- air conditioning, stoves, etc. Yom Tov
275 Common problems with the Eiruvin Eiruv
276 Is there an inyan not to rely on an Eiruv? Eiruv
277 Eiruvin in a large city Eiruv
278 Teishvu k'Ein Taduru Sukkos 
279 Sleeping Outside the Sukka Sukkos
280 Laws of Rosh Hashona Rosh Hashona
281 Sick people on Yom Kippur Yom Kippur
282 Taking out the garbage on Yom Tov Yom Tov
283 Motion detectors, security cameras, alarms... Maviir
284 Using intercom for children Maviir
285 The needs of children- baby wipes Sechitah
286 Heating drawer, automatic water feeder Bishul
287 Lego and other toys Boneh
288 Lo Saaseh kol Pesel v'Chukos haGoyim
289 Common Hotel Problems Hotel
290 Ha'Aseres haDibros shel Tikun Maneh Tikkun Maneh
291 Chalifos Matanos b'Chanukah v'od Dinim Chanukah
292 Ha'aros mai'Inyanei Chanukah Chanukah
293 Inyanei Taanis Ches, Tes, v'Yud b'Teves Taanis
295 Meleches Zoreh u'Merakeid Merakeid
295 Meleches zoreh u'merakeid Zoreh
295 Meleches Zoreh u'Merakeid Zoreh
296 Hasoras p'soles m'pri im yesh issur borer Borer
297 Ha'aros b'inyanei borer Borer
298 Birchas She'hecheyanu ha'Nogaia l'Chamisha Asar b'Shvat She'hecheyanu
299 Mechikas v'Zilzul Sheimos haKedoshim Sheimos
300 B'Inyanei Sheimos u'Geniza 2 Sheimos
301 B'Inyanei Kiddush al Kos Yayin Kiddush
302 B'Inyan Im Mitzvas Limud Torah v'Gam Sheor Taryag Mitzvos Hutra Oe d'Chuya Machmas Mitzvas Simchas Purim  Purim
303 Handling deliveries on Shabbos v'Yom Tov- stopping newspaper deliveries on Yom Tov Yom Tov
303 Handling deliveries on Shabbos v'Yom Tov- stopping newspaper deliveries on Yom Tov General
304 Kashering for Pesach Pesach
305 B'Inyan Bedikas u'Mechiras Chometz Pesach
306 Dinei ha'Seder v'od Dinei Pesach Pesach
307 Esrim Shailos she'Nishalu b'Yom Tov v'Chol Hamoed Chol Hamoed
307 Esrim shailos she'nishalu b'Yom Tov v'Chol Hamoed Yom Tov
308 Aveilus bi'Yemei Ha'Sefira Sefira
309 B'Inyanei Kiddush Kiddush
310 Ha'aros b'Inyanei Sefiras Ha'Omer Sefira
311 Shavuos she'Chal b'Erev Shabbos u'veShabbos Shavuos
312 Inyanei Yom Tov v'Eiruv Tavshilin- Is there a cure for the world's most deadly sickness- Sinas Chinom? Yom Tov
312 Inyanei Yom Tov v'Eiruv Tavshilin- Is there a cure for the world's most deadly sickness- Sinas Chinom Eiruv
313 Hotza'ah B'Shabbos- "The Lakewood Shaila"- wearing a reflector on Shabbos Hotza'ah
314 B'Inyan S'char Shabbos v'Yom Tov S'char Shabbos
315 Ha'naah mi'Ma'aseh Shabbos v'Yom Tov- Ha'naah mi'Meleches Shabbos v'Yom Tov hane'eseh b'Issur General
316 Using air conditioners on Shabbos and other summer shailos General
317 Dinei Grama b'Shabbos v'Yom Tov haNogaia l'Daf haYomi Yom Tov
318 Rosh Hashona sheChal b'Shabbos v'Od Dinim d'Yamim Noraim Rosh Hashona
319 B'Inyanei Yom HaKippurim Chiddushim Niflaim b'haInyan Yom Kippur
320 Encephalitis from West Nile Virus- Mutar to kill a mosquito on Shabbos in fear of severe illness General
321 B'Inyan Tirchah Yesaira v'Dibbur ha'Yid b'Chol Hamoed ha'Nogaia l'Daf haYomi Chol Hamoed
322 B'Inyan Kevurah b'Yerushalayim l'bein Chutz La'aretz- Should Meisim be Sent to Yerushalayim for Kevurah?
323 Mitzvas Yishuv Eretz Yisroel Bizmaneinu
324 Kedushas Beis Haknesses Kedushas Beis Haknesses
325 The new eiruv in Boro Park Eiruv
326 B'Inyanei Eiruvin- When do we say "Holchin achar hameikil b'Eiruvin? Relating to 10 common problems Eiruv
327 Inyanei Chanukah Chanukah
328 Inyanei Chanukah 2 Chanukah
329 B'Inyan Asias v'Stiras Ohel b'Shabbos v'Yom Tov Ohel
330 Dinei Taanis Tzibbur u'Minhag Nital Taanis
331 Y2K she'chal b'Shabbos v'od shailos General
332 Shimush b'Taarich ha'Luazi v'Chukas haGoyim Darkei Ha'Emori
333 Update Eiruv Eiruv
334 B'Inyanei She'hecheyanu l'Tu B'Shvat ul'chol Hashona She'hecheyanu
335 Winter Related Problems on Shabbos Choref
336 Meleches Shochet Shochet
337 Shailos haNogaios l'Choref Choref
338 Adar Rishon k'Hilchasa Purim
339 Traveling in an Airplane 1 Airplane
340 Traveling in an Airplane 2 Airplane
341 Birchas HaGomel Gomel
342 Adar Beis k'Hilchasa Adar
343 B'Inyan Mitzvas Krias haMegillah Purim
344 B'Iyanei Bedikas u'Mechiras Chometz Pesach
345 Preparation of the Kitchen for Pesach Pesach
346 B'Inyanei Leil Pesach Pesach
347 Shailos haNogaia l'Yom Tov she'chal b'Yom Hashem Yom Tov
348 Shailos she'Nishalu b'Pesach u'leChol Hamoed TS"S Pesach
349 Kibus b'Shabbos v'Yom Tov Kibus
350 Meleches Kibus she'hu Tolda Melabein Kibus
351 B'Inyan Hachona Mei'Shabbos l'Chol Hachona
352 Ha'Issur shel Hachona b'Shabbos uv'Yom Tov 2 Hachona
353 Rechitza kol gufo b'Shabbos v'Yom Tov Rechitza
354 Shailos she'Nishalu b'Shavuos TS"S Shavuos
356 Summer Related Problems Kayitz
357 B'Inyanei Elul Elul
358 B'Inyan haLav d'Lo Sechaneim
359 Teshuva she'hee Matana Gedolah
360 Inyanei Elul v'Rosh Hashona Elul
360 Inyanei Elul v'Rosh Hashona Rosh Hashona
361 B'Inyanei Yom Kippur Sukkos v'Chol Hamoed Chol Hamoed
361 B'Inyanei Yom Kippur, Sukkos v'Chol Hamoed Sukkos
361 B'Inyanei Yom Kippur  Yom Kippur
362 A Frum Vice President President
363 Shabbos problems facing Joseph Lieberman, general emergencies President
364 Meleches Tzoveia b'Shabbos v'Yom Tov Tzoveia
365 Seudas Hodaah
366 The Recounting of votes by Jews on Shabbos President
367 B'Inyan Sheva Brachos l'Chosson ule'Kalla Sheva Brachos
368 B'Inyan Sheva Brachos 2 Sheva Brachos
369 B' Inyanei Chanukah Chanukah
370 Piskei Rav Moshe b'Inyanei Chanukah Chanukah
371 Asara b'Teves she'chal b'Erev Shabbos v'Taanis Tzibbur Taanis
372 B'Inyanei Muktzah Muktzah
373 Shailos ha'Nogeia l'Sheleg Snow
374 B'Inyan l'Zareiz haLeida v'Dinei Leida b'Shabbos Refuos
375 Using a water urn on Shabbos Hatmana
376 B'Inyan Birchas She'hecheyanu v'HaTov v'HaMeitiv She'hecheyanu
377 Shailos haNogaios l'Ozeres Nochria
378 B'Inyanei Kipul b'Shabbos Kipul
379 Hachona Mei'Shabbos l'Chol Hachona
380 Purim she'Chal b'Erev Shabbos u'Purim Meshulosh Purim
381 Erev Pesach she'Chal b'Pesach 1 Pesach
382 Erev Pesach she'Chal b'Pesach 2 Pesach
383 Ha'aros b'Inyanei Pesach Pesach
384 Haseder shel Pesach v'od... Pesach
385 L'Taretz b'Kitzur 48 Shailos she'Nishalu b'Inyanei Pesach, Chol Hamoed, Yom Tov, v'Shabbos Pesach
386 Is the dish-washing brush "labeled" for Shabbos v'Yom Tov's use really permissible? Sechitah
387 Shailos Aveilus she'Nishalu bi'Yemei Ha'Sefira  Sefira
388 Using ovens on Shabbos v'Yom Tov (shel Shavuous) Electricity
389 Shailos ha'Nogeia l'Hotza'ah b'Rishus Harabim Hotza'ah
390 Halachos v'Hashkafos l'Chag Shavuos Shavuos
391 Thirty-five Shailos she'Nishalu b'Yom Tov- Shavuos TSS"A Shavuos
392 HaIssur shel Refuos b'Shabbos Refuos
393 Meleches Borer Borer
394 Summer Shailos Kelaliyos and Shabbos Shailos Kayitz
395 Kesivas haPruzbul b'Sof Shenas Shmitta Shmitta
396 Latzais b'Esrog she'Yesh bo Kedushas Sheviis Shmitta
397 HaMussar Heskel Mai'haTragedy Hagedolah Mussar
398 Halachos v'Hashkafos l'Yom HaKippurim 2004 Yom Kippur
399 Piskei Rav Elyashiv Mei'Inyanei d'Yoma Yomim Noraim
400 Interesting questions discussed on Yom Tov in Lakewood, NJ Yom Tov
401 Handling emergency situations on Shabbos General
402 B'Inyan Hashavas Aveida Hashavas Aveida
403 B'Inyanei Gezailah v'Aveida Hashavas Aveida
404 B'Inyanei Gezailah v'Aveida 3 Hashavas Aveida
405 Piskei Rav Shlomo Zalman Biryon Baal Sharim Metzuyanim b'Halacha Lichvod Yom Hazikaron
406 Making Copies of Tapes and Pages from Sefarim
407 Toras Hamussar, the Informant Mussar
408 Thirty-three Pesokim mai'Rav Moshe ha'Nogaia l'Chanukah Chanukah
409 Shailos ha'Nogaia l'Hadlokas Ner Shabbos v'Chanukah Chanukah
410 B'Inyanei Taanis Tzibbur Taanis
412 Halachos ha'Nogeia l'Choleh Cholim
412 Halachos haNogaios la'Choleh Refuos
413 B'Inyan Tzorchei Choleh 2 Cholim
413 B'Inyan Tzorchei Choleh 2 Refuos
414 Dinei haMitztaer b'Shabbos v'Yom Tov
415 Shailos haNogaia l'Tikun Maneh b'Shabbos v'Yom Tov Tikun Maneh 
416 18 pesokim mei'haIgros Moshe b'Inyanei Muktzah Muktzah
417 Toras ha'Kovah b'Shabbos Kovah
418 B'Inyanei Tzedakos Tzedakah
419 B'Inyanei Matanos L'evyonim Tzedakah
419 Matanos L'evyonim Purim
420 Are Matzos still being prepared by Nachrim u'Mechalilei Shabbos? Pesach
421 B'Inyan Hechsher Keilim l'Pesach Pesach
422 B'Inyanei Bedikas u'Mechiras Chometz Pesach
423 Ha'aros b'Leil Pesach Pesach
424 Shailos she'Nishalu b'Pesach v'Chol Hamoed TSS"B Pesach
425 Piskei Rav Moshe b'Inyanei Aveilus Aveilus
426 Meleches Koreia b'Shabbos Tofer U'koreia
427 Dinei Aveilus b'Yimei haSefira Aveilus
428 B'Inyan Ochel Nefesh u'Machshirei Ochel Nefesh v'od b'Yom Tov
429 Should we follow the pesak of the Mishneh Berurah to make early Minyan on Yom Tov that falls on Erev Shabbos even if it's Shavuos? Shavuos
430 Shailos she'Nishalu b'Shavuos TSS"B Shavuos
431 Mechikas Osiyos B'Shabbos V'Yom Tov Koseiv U'Mocheik
433 Ivud b'Ochlin b'Shabbos General
434 B'Inyan Hatmana b'Shabbos Hatmana
435 Shailos haNogaia l'Kayitz Kayitz
436 Halachos v'Hashkafos l'Yomim Noraim Yomim Noraim
437 Inyanei Yom HaKippurim v'Sukkos Taf Shin Samech Daled Yomim Noraim
438 Twenty Interesting Shailos asked on Sukkos TSS"G Sukkos
439 Shailos ha'Nogaia L'Inyan Tachanun Tefilla
440 B'Inyan Hotza'ah b'Shabbos Hotza'ah
441 B'Inyanei Shemoneh Esreh Tefilla
442 A Shabbos ship cruise General
443 B'Inyanei Tefilla Tefilla
444 B'Inyan Amira l'Nochrin b'Shabbos Amira L'Akum
445 Where, when, and How of Hadlokas Ner Chanukah Chanukah
446 Ha'aros b' Inyanei Chanukah Chanukah
447 Erev Shabbos, Erev Chanukah- Getting Caught in Last Weekend Thanksgiving Traffic Jam Chanukah
448 HaIssur haChamura shel Bitul Torah
449 V'Talmud Torah Kneged Kulam
450 Single handle sink faucet Bishul
451 HaAveira haChamura shel "Lo Sachnifu"
452 B'inyanei Bishul Bishul
453 Geneivas Daas- Halav shel "Lo Signavu" Geneivas Daas
454 New hot buffet cart- Does it need a blech? Chazara
455 Dinei Rosh Chodesh v'haChilukim bein Adar Rishon l'Adar Sheini Adar
456 Non-Jew fixing mikveh on Shabbos for use after Shabbos Amira L'Akum
457 Is it Mutar for a Yehudi to be an Astronaut on a Spaceship?
458 Piskei Rav Moshe Feinstein b'Inyan Shidduchim Shidduch
459 B'Inyanei Pesukei D'Zimrah v'Krias Shema Tefilla
461 Shailos b'Inyanei Purim Purim
462 Shailos in Case of a Terrorist Attack Terrorist
463 B'Inyan Tevilas Kelim l'Pesach ul'chol haShona
464 Erev Pesach Achar Chatzos v' Chol Hamoed Pesach
465 Piskei Rav Moshe b'Inyanei Pesach Pesach
466 Shailos she'Nishalu b'Inyanei Pesach, Yom Tov, Chol Hamoed v'Shabbos Pesach
467 B'Inyan Netilas Yadayim l'Seuda
468 Is the new chemical heating box o.k. for Shabbos? Bishul
469 Sefiras HaOmer vi'Yemei Aveilus b'Sefira Sefira
470 Using a Katan on Shabbos Katan
471 B'Inyanei Shavuos v'Yom Tov Shavuos
472 Shailos she'Nishalu b'Inyanei Shabbos v'Yom Tov v'Shavuos Shavuos
473 B'Inyan Grama b'Shabbos v'Yom Tov Grama v'Issurei Shabbos
474 Issurei Shabbos that are commonly averlooked Grama v'Issurei Shabbos
475 Summer Questions- TSS"G Kayitz
476 Inyanei "v'Lifnei Iver" and Mesayeia l'Dvar Aveira Lifnei Iver
477 B'Inyanei ha'Taanis u'Bein HaMetzarim- TSS"G Taanis
478 B'inyanei Meleches Borer Borer
479 B'Inyanei Tisha b'Av v'Tes Yamim Kodem haTaanis TSS"G Tisha b'Av
480 Black Out
481 B'Inyanei Zecher l'Mikdash Zecher L'Mikdash
482 Preparing for Sukkos TSS"D Sukkos
483 Mai'Inyanei d'Yoma Rosh Hashona 2004 Rosh Hashona
484 Halachos v'Hashkafos l'Yom HaKippurim 2004 Yom Kippur
485 Thirty-six Questions Asked over Sukkos TSS"D Sukkos
486 A new report on soaking contact lenses General
487 Can a nochri, katan, or shinui solve these kibus shailos? Kibus
488 Violating Shabbos to inform people of possible food poisoning- Is it Mutar/ Ossur? General
489 Uv'Chukoseihem L' Seieichu Darkei Ha'Emori
490 Piskei Rav Moshe b'Inyanei Yichud Yichud
491 B'Inyanei Yichud 2 Yichud
492 Getting Stuck on a Bus Erev Shabbos in a Snow Storm and Ha'aros b'Inyanei Chanukah TSS"D Chanukah
492 Getting stuck on a bus Erev Shabbos in a snowstorm and Ha'aros b'Inyanei Chanuka (2003) General
493 Od b'Inyanei Chanukah TSS"D Chanukah
494 B'Inyanei Bris Milah
496 Kol Isha Erva Kol Isha
497 Piskei Rav Moshe b'Inyanei Kol Isha v'Tznius Kol Isha
498 Shailos haShavua Mai'Inyonei ha'Choref TSS"D Choref
499 Da'as Torah b'Inyanei Tznius
500 B'Inyanei Amira l'Nochri b'Shabbos v'Yom Tov Amira L'Akum
501 B'Inyan Asias Ohel b'Shabbos Ohel
502 The new "Kosher Lamp" Muktzah
503 Purim she'Chal b'Yom Rishon Purim
504 Piskei Rav Moshe b'Inyan Tevilas Keilim l'Pesach ul'chol Hashana Pesach
505 Ha'aros b'Inyanei Pesach TSS"D 1 Pesach
506 Pesach Decisions- Hotels etc. Pesach
507 Ha'aros b'Inyanei Pesach TSS"D 2 Pesach
508 Ha'aros b'Inyanei Pesach v'Yom Tov TSS"D  Pesach
509 Thirty-two+ Shailos she'Nishalu b'Inyanei Pesach, Chol Hamoed, Shabbos, v'Yom Tov TSS"D Pesach
510 Yemei haSefira TSS"D Sefira
511 B'Inyanei Kiddush l'Shabbos v'Yom Tov 1 Kiddush
512 B'Inyanei Kiddush l'Shabbos v'Yom Tov 2 Kiddush
513 The "New" Flatbush Eiruv Eiruv
514 The Sheitel Problem  Sheitel
515 Interesting Questions discussed in Lakewood on Shavuos TSS"D Shavuos
516 Sheitels- An Important Update Sheitel
517 Questions concerning Bugs and Filters
518 B'Inyan "Holchin achar hameikil b'Eiruvin" and the "New" Flatbush eiruv Eiruv
519 Common Summer Questions TSS"D Kayitz
520 B'Inyan Tikun Maneh Tikkun Maneh
521 The use of a shinui on Shabbos v'Yom Tov General
522 B'Inyan Mechikas Shem Hashem v'Shaimos Koseiv U'Mocheik
523 B'Inyan Tisha b'Av v'Shavuah She'Chal Boh TSS"D Tisha b'Av
524 Dealing with a Terrorist Attack Terrorist
525 B'Inyanei Elul 2004 Elul
526 B'Inyanei Shidduchim Shidduch
527 Is your Will valid according to Halacha?
528 B'inyanei Bishul Bishul
529 Tekias Shofar Rosh Hashona
530 B'Inyanei Yom HaKippurim 2005 Yom Kippur
531 Questions concerning a Sukka Sukkos
532 Shailos she'Nishalu b'Inyanei Sukka, Chol Hamoed, v'Shabbos TSS"H Sukkos
533 Showering on Shabbos v'Yom Tov Rechitza
534 Straining on Shabbos U'Yom Tov Merakeid
535 Klalei "Lifnei Iver Lo Sitein Michshal u'Mesayeia l'Dvar Aveira" Lifnei Iver
536 Dina d'Malchusa Dina
537 B'Inyanei Gezel
538 Allowing Arafat's Burial b'Eretz Yisrael
539 B'Inyan Refuos Refuos
540 Thirty-six Ha'aros b'Inyanei Chanukah Chanukah
541 B'Inyan Ner Chanukah v'Ner Shabbos Chanukah
542 B'Inyanei Nital v'Taanis Tzibbur Taanis
543 Uv'Chukoseihem L' Seieichu Darkei Ha'Emori
544 Dinei Choli b'Shabbos Grama v'Issurei Shabbos
544 Dinei Choleh b'Shabbos Refuos
545 "One has to remove all food after opening an oven" (Kashrus Kurrents- Winter 5765) Chazara
546 Update on opening ovens and Shailos b'Inyanei Grama Grama v'Issurei Shabbos
547 Klalei Birchas She'hecheyanu She'hecheyanu
548 Chemically activated toe warmer inserted into the shoe...and other shailos Hotza'ah Hotza'ah
549 Toras ha'Sheleg b'Chol uv'Shabbos Snow
550 Halachos haNogaia l'Adar Rishon v'Sheini Adar
551 HaIssur HaChamura shel Geneivas Daas HaNogaia l'Kashrus v'Hechsherim v'od Devarim Geneivas Daas
552 The 13 main principles of Pesik Reisha Pesik Reisha
553 Shinui Makom L'Inyan Brachos v'od Brachos
554 B'Inyanei Ikar v'Tofel b'Brachos Brachos
555 Purim she'Chal b'Erev Shabbos TSS"H Purim
556 Three day Yom Tov Issues Yom Tov
557 Erev Pesach she'Chal b'Shabbos TSS"H Pesach
558 B'Inyan Kibud Av v'Eim 2 Kibud Av
558 Erev Pesach she'Chal b'Shabbos TSS"H 2 Pesach
559 Ha'aros b'Inyanei Pesach Pesach
560 Thirty-six+ Shailos she'Nishalu b'Inyanei Pesach, Chol Hamoed, Shabbos, v'Yom Tov Pesach
561 Hotza'ah ha'Nogeia l'Daf haYomi Hotza'ah
562 Amira L'Nochri haNogeia l'Daf haYomi Amira L'Akum
563 When and How to Rebuke
564 B'Inyanei Bein Hashmashos haNogaia l'Daf haYomi Bein Hashmashos
565 Rechitza b'Shabbos v'Yom Tov hanogaia l'Daf HaYomi Rechitza
566 B'Inyanei Hatmana ha'Nogeia l'Daf haYomi Hatmana
567 Summer Related Issues Kayitz
568 B'Inyanei Hotza'ah ha'Nogeia l'Daf haYomi  Hotza'ah
569 Tinok She'nishba v'Holchei Medabriyos ha'Nogeia l'Daf haYomi Tinok She'nishba
570 B'inyanei Borer Borer
571 Taanis Yud Zayin Tammuz u'Bein HaMetzarim Taanis
572 B'Inyanei Pesik Reisha Pesik Reisha
573 Tisha b'Av she'chal b'Motzei Shabbos  Tisha b'Av
574 Kosher Umatir HaNogeia l'daf haYomi Kosher Umatir
575 Muktzah ha'nogeia l'Daf HaYomi Muktzah
576 Shabbos emergencies, 9/11, Katrina, etc. General
577 Piskei Rav Moshe b'Inyan Kedushas Beis Haknesses v'od Kedushas Beis Haknesses
578 Pesichas ha'shkoyos v'Chavilos b'Shabbos haNogeia l'Daf haYomi General
579 B'Inyanei Rosh Hashona  Rosh Hashona
580 B'Inyanei Yom HaKippurim Yom Kippur
581 B'Inyanei Sukkos Sukkos
582 Thiry six Shailos b'Sukkos, Shabbos Chol Hamoed v'od, Sukkos
583 B'Inyan Oseik b'Mitzvah Patur min haMitzvah
584 B'Inyan Kibud Av v'Eim Kibud Av
586 Kibud Av v'Eim 3- Piskei Gedolei HaPoskim Kibud Av
587 B'Inyan Kibud Av v'Shear Kerovim v'Zekeinim Kibud Av
588 Uv'Chukoseihem L' Seieichu Darkei Ha'Emori
589 Kavod Rabo Talmid Chacham v'Zakein
590 B'Inyanei Chanukah Chanukah
591 Shailos b'Hadlokas Ner Chanukah Chanukah
592 B'Inyanei Shidduchim Piskei Rav Shlomo Zalman v'Rav Moshe Shidduch
593 B'Inyanei Shidduchim 2- Piskei Rav Moshe Shidduch
594 B'Inyan Shemiras Haguf v'haNeshoma Shemiras Haguf
595 Shemiras Haguf v'haNefesh 2 Shemiras Haguf
596 Gidrei Meleches Borer Borer
597 She'hecheyanu v'haTov v'HaMeitiv She'hecheyanu
598 Common Bishul questions Bishul
599 Not Paying on Time- Bal Talin
600 B'Inyanei Ba'al Tashchis
601 Chiyuv "Ad d'lo Yada" k'neged Kibud Av Kibud Av
601 Ha'aros b'Purim Purim
602 "Three Day Pesach" on an Issur Melacha Pesach
603 New product that enable the use of hot water on Shabbos Bishul
604 B'Inyanei Pesach TSS"V Pesach
605 Twenty-four Pesakim mai'Rav Moshe b'Inyanei haSeder v'Dinei Pesach Pesach
606 B'Inyanei Chol Hamoed Pesach TSS"V Pesach
607 Thirty+ Shailos she'Nishalu b'Inyanei Pesach, Chol Hamoed, Shabbos, v'Yom Tov Pesach
608 The new "Kosher" alarm clock- is it really so? Muktzah
609 Air-lifts and airplane problems Airplane
610 Using a Katan on Shabbos or Yom Tov Katan
612 Davening with the early Minyan on Shavuos Shavuos
613 Twenty shailos she'nishalu b'Inyanei Shavuos v'od... Shavuos
614 Hefsekim b'Shemoneh Esreh Tefilla
615 B'Inyanei Tefilla Tefilla
616 Summer Shailos Kayitz
617 Handling Sheimos Sheimos
618 Goyim working on Shabbos in camp, hotel to allow it to start earlier Amira L'Akum
619 Should Camp Visiting Day be abolished? Kayitz
620 Twenty-four Shailos asked at Camp Agudah
621 Shavuah she'Chal Boh v'Tisha b'Av Tisha b'Av
622 Making an Ohel on Shabbos Ohel
624 Birchas HaGomel achar haMilchama Gomel
625 Sheva Brachos l'Chosson ule'Kalla Sheva Brachos
626 B'inyanei Bishul Bishul
627 B'Inyanei Sukkos Sukkos
628 B'Inyanei Rosh Hashona Rosh Hashona
629 Hashkafos v'Halachos l'Yom HaKippurim Yom Kippur
630 Thirty-six most interesting shailos asked on Sukkos, Chol Hamoed, Yom Tov, v'Shabbos Sukkos
631 Shailos she'Nishalu b'Chag HaSukkos 2 Sukkos
632 Ha'Issur Molid v'Nolad b'Shabbos uv'Yom Tov ha'Nogeia l'Daf haYomi Molid v'Nolad
633 L'daf HaYomi Eiruv Tavshilin Ha'nogeia l'maaseh Eiruv
634 B'Inyan Grama b'Shabbos uv'Yom Tov Grama v'Issurei Shabbos
635 Hilchasa k'Rabbi Shimon d'leis bai Muktzah (Baia: daf lamed) Muktzah
636 Summary of the laws of Yom Tov haNogaia l'Daf haYomi Yom Tov
637 B'Inyanei Ner Chanukah Chanukah
638 Piskei Rav Moshe b'Inyanei Chanukah Chanukah
640 Ikar ha'Taanis hee haTeshuva Taanis
641 Ha'aros b'Inyanei Tefilla 1 (Answering Amen) Tefilla
642 B'Inayanei Issur Sh'hiya b'Shabbos Grama v'Issurei Shabbos
643 Ha'aros b'Inyanei Tefilla 2 Tefilla
643 Ha'aros b'Inyonei Tefilla 2 Tefilla
644 Birchas She'hecheyanu ha'Nogaia l'Tu b'Shvat u'lechol haShana She'hecheyanu
646 Ha'Nogeia l'Meleches Hotza'ah b'Shabbos Hotza'ah
647 Piskei Rav Moshe b'Inyanei Matanos l'Evyonim u'Maaser Chesafim Purim
648 Mai'Inyanei d'Yoma Purim Purim
649 B'Inyanei Sefer Torah
650 Tevilas Keilim l'Pesach u'lechol Hashana Pesach
651 Pesach Shailos Pesach
652 B'Inyanei Haseder v'Chol Hamoed Pesach
653 B'Inyanei Yom Tov u'Kenias Chometz achar HaPesach Pesach
654 The Most Interesting Shailos asked over Pesach Pesach
655 B'Inyanei Aveilus bi'Yemei HaSefira Sefira
656 Piskei Rav Moshe b'Inyanei Aveilus Aveilus
657 B'Inyan Dan l'Kaf Zechus
658 Ha'Issur shel shitrei haDyotos b'Shabbos General
659 Halachos v'Hashkafos l'Inyanei Shavuos v'Yom Tov Shavuos
660 The most interesting Shailos asked over Shavuos Shavuos
661 Makeh B'Patish Makeh B'Patish
662 B'inyanei Bishul Bishul
663 Common Summer Shailos Kayitz
664 Shabbos shailos General
665 Piskei Rav Moshe B'Inyanei Yichud Yichud
666 B'inyanei Lisha B'Shabbos Losh
667 B'Inyanei d'Yoma- Tisha b'Av Tisha b'Av
668 Halachos v'Hashkafos l'Inyanei Tisha b'Av  Tisha b'Av
669 B'Inyan Zecher l'Churban  Zecher L'Mikdash
670 Grama b'Shabbos v'Yom Tov Grama v'Issurei Shabbos
671 The new Kosher Shabbos toothbrush General
672 Soaking contact lenses for a 3 day Shabbos v'Yom Tov General
673 Does One Need a Pruzbul?
674 Questions concerning a 3 day Yom Tov Yom Tov
675 B'Inyanei Rosh Hashona Rosh Hashona
676 B'Inyanei Yom HaKippurim Yom Kippur
677 Sukka Shailos Sukkos
678 B'Inyanei Chol Hamoed Chol Hamoed
678 B'Inyanei Chol Hamoed  Chol Hamoed
679 Thirty of the most interesting shailos asked during Sukkos Chol Hamoed
679 Thirty-six of the most interesting shailos asked during Sukkos Sukkos
680 Piskei Rav Moshe b'Krias Shema u'Birchosehah Tefilla
681 Ha'aros b'Inyanei Tefilla Tefilla
682 Piskei Rav Moshe b'Inyanei Tefilla Tefilla
683 Ha'aros b'Inyanei Tefilla v'Hanachas haBoker Tefilla
684 Using a Nochri on Shabbos Amira L'Akum
685 Torah l'Remiza l'Nochri b'Shabbos v'Yom Tov Amira L'Akum
686 Relying on the Rein b'Shem Baal ha'Iter General
687 B'Inyanei Chanukah TSS"C Chanukah
688 Piskei Chanukah TSS"C Chanukah
689 Shailos haNogaia l'Brachos Brachos
690 B'Inyan Birchas haMazon Brachos
691 Winter Problems General
692 L'Inyan Asias v'Stiras Ohel b'Shabbos v'Yom Tov Ohel
693 The new "Perko" urn Bishul
694 Birchas She'hecheyanu v'Hatov v'Hameitiv Brachos
695 Playing with toys and games on Shabbos Boneh
696 Adar Rishon v'Adar Sheini k'Hilchasa Adar
697 Shailos B'Inyanei Borer Borer
698 B'Inyanei Cholim U'Refuos b'Shabbos Cholim
699 Simplifying the laws of Pesik Reisha Pesik Reisha
700 Koach Limud Torah v'Koach haTefilla Tefilla
700 Koach Limud haTorah v'Koach Tefilla Torah
701 B'Inyan Purim she'Chal b'Erev Shabbos Purim
702 Getting Drunk on Erev Shabbos Purim
703 Piskei Rav Moshe b'Inyanei Erev Pesach she'chal b'Shabbos Pesach
704 Erev Pesach she'chal b'Shabbos 2 Pesach
705 B'Inyanei Pesach Pesach
706 Issur Melacha on a "3 Day Pesach" Pesach